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Investment Advisory Approach

Portfolio ManagementAt AFS, our overall investment philosophy and approach to portfolio management is described best as prudently conservative. We do not believe that long term success can be attained by attempting to time and/or predict short term market movements. This philosophy is emphasized through our asset allocation and diversification process. During Investment Policy creation we focus on educating our clients as to the benefits of a sound investment plan and more importantly the execution of that plan.


With decades of market activity to analyze and hundreds of studies to review, we know the most important factor that affects investment performance isn't the ability to time the market, anticipate global economic changes, or forecast investor psychology. In fact, more than 90% of a portfolio's performance depends on asset allocation—the science of combining the right categories of investments. Asset allocation, which is tied directly to the client's Investment Policy Statement, is the core of our investment philosophy and approach to portfolio management.



* Investment Advisory Services offered through Adirondack Financial Services Corp.

















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