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Fee Based Discretionary Account Management

Adirondack Financial Services’ Investment Advisory Division is a fee-based service where our investment managers provide customized advice designed to help clients meet their financial objectives. In the case of a fee-based relationship, the client and the advisor have the same goal - to help increase net worth and achieve overall investment objectives.


Because the advisor is the paid by assets they manage, the mutual incentive is the long-term health of the account and the relationship. Adirondack Financial Services’ fee-based advisors will work to maximize portfolio performance which results in a win-win scenario where both parties benefit by portfolio growth.


The benefits of fee-based investment management:

  • No conflict of interest
  • Conducive to long-term strategies
  • No pressure to buy and sell investments
  • Personal, ongoing relationship with the advisor
  • Client and advisor have the same goal - the achievement of objectives


Fee-based accounts are not suitable for every investor. Based on a client’s investment needs, Adirondack Financial Services will help determine if this type of service is right the client. To obtain a copy of Adirondack Financial Services’ Investment Advisory Disclosure Brochure submit a written request to our Compliance Department c/o Adirondack Financial Services, 185 Genesee Street, Suite 210,
Utica, NY 13501.



* Investment Advisory Services offered through Adirondack Financial Services Corp.

















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