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Investment Advisor Process

To deliver these services, the Investment Advisory Services management team uses a well-defined process to ensure that all investment decisions are appropriate not only at the point of initial recommendation, but also as the client needs and the market environment change. Our process includes:




1. Evaluation Phase:

During the evaluation step, we work with clients to identify their objectives with a keen focus on the "total" picture. The end result of this phase is the development of the client's Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS is created with the following considerations in mind:

  • Purpose of Investment
  • Current Investments
  • Risk Tolerances
  • Return Objectives
  • Income Requirements
  • Liquidity Needs
  • Current Asset Allocation
  • Time Horizons


2. Matching Phase:

The second step matches the appropriate investment products and strategies to the above outlined criteria. Considerations during this phase include:

  • Risk/Return Profile
  • Diversification Needs
  • Asset Classes
  • Short and Long Term Requirements
  • Tax Implications
  • Cost Basis
  • Market Conditions


3. Implementation Phase:

During this step, the Investment Advisory Services management team implements a plan that is comprehensive, customized, flexible, and disciplined.



4. Monitoring Phase:

This is the step in the process that we believe differentiates us from our competitors. The existing plan (investments) is continually revaluated to ensure that the assets:

  • Adhere to the agreed upon plan, also known as the Investment Policy Statement
  • Meet Performance Objectives
  • Maintain the desired Portfolio Balance

This step is the critical step since it signals the start of the “second lap” of our relationship whereby we look at our partnership as a marathon (many times around the “track”) as opposed to a sprint.



* Investment Advisory Services offered through Adirondack Financial Services Corp.

















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